Introducing The Technology Group

We are very pleased to welcome The Technology Group to the Provider Exchange and are excited to unleash what they have to offer.

15 % Discount off Telephony and Communication Services this July and August plus:


Over a course of 50+ combined years, The Technology Group and its Directors have mastered the art of working with some of the most credible and stringent organisations across the country on their telephony and communications, including likeminded organisations such as NHS doctors surgeries and healthcare organisations.

Over this time they have developed solutions in light of the difficulties modern healthcare practices are facing. Here are just some of the features that come as standard, which we feel will be of help to you:

  • Numbered Call Queueing: When patients ring their calls are always answered. Callers can now be put into a numbered call queue which informs them of their position in the line.
  • Priority call queues: High dependency patients can be given a priority number to dial to skip the queues found with the generic number. Allocated priority numbers fast track important callers to the front of the queue, reaching reception quicker.
  • Messages On Hold: while patients wait to be connected to you, they can listen to important pre-recorded messages, which can educate callers while they wait, or even point them to a more appropriate place for the nature of their call, helping to reduce call queue size and patient waiting time.
  • Call Recording: organisations can listen back to their calls so patient details are never missed or misconstrued. Call recording is an excellent resource during grievance procedures for both staff and patients.
  • Integration with patient record systems: when a patient calls, if their phone number is stored within the system the screen will automatically pop up with patient details. This makes for faster patient validation and a quicker call.

When your time and resources are stretched you will be pleased to hear that with The Technology Group NHS providers are given discounted call rates and have no hidden charges all features are part of one All-Inclusive price. Plus clients are provided with the support of their dedicated and experienced teams of account managers, support specialists and nationwide professional service engineers.

To claim 15% off their services this July and August, combined with a free communications consultation with their telephony experts call 0345 450 7444 today. Or if you want to learn more about The Technology Group you can do so by visiting



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